Re-Branding builds on historic strengths

In May 2011 TVS Supply Chain Solutions announced a renaming of its VANfit all-makes parts programme for which it adopted Multipart as its product brand name.

Re-establishing the Multipart name enables the business to build on the impressive 90 year pedigree that TVS Supply Chain Solutions and its predecessor companies have in commercial vehicle parts.

 This parts sector is becoming increasingly important as:

  • The growth of internet shopping and home delivery services has created a much larger parc of Light Commercial Vehicles that will need parts, particularly as they move into second life usage.
  • There are now signs of sustained recovery in the UK commercial vehicle sector, which will lead to growth in parts demand.
  • With Block Exemption now firmly established, franchised workshops are increasingly looking to fill their capacity with work on other marques as they seek to offer customers a ‘one stop’ servicing capability. An extended Multipart all-makes programme supports this.

Based on these developments the business has been working hard over the recent past planning the expansion of its all-makes programme. Strong building blocks in place from the start include national coverage through the existing 80-strong dealer network and a proven next day delivery system from our world-class distribution centre located at Chorley in Lancashire.

The business has also identified and prioritised the product groups on which to base its growth plans. This continued growth is driven by the alignment to market requirements and we aim to maintain at least 95% market coverage. 

New routes to market based on the latest technological and communication developments will also be introduced with the help of TVS Supply Chain Solutions’ considerable in-house capabilities. The intention is to make it easier and faster for customers to identify parts, establish price and availability, and place an order –  confident that it will reach them quickly.