Longer life LDVs

Good parts availability through the LDV dealer network is enabling leading vehicle rental company Burnt Tree to keep over 100 Maxus vehicles in revenue earning service for longer than originally planned.

National Fleet Engineer, Mike Bufton, says that vans, some of which are now four years old and have clocked up well over 100,000 kilometres, have proved to be reliable and durable vehicles.

“Normally these Maxus vans would have gone back to LDV after two years under a ‘buy back’ arrangement,” he explains. “However, that was not possible because of the collapse of the company and we have retained them in our fleet.

“They’re spread around our 18 depots in England and Wales and are being used on both spot and contract hires. Thanks to the good parts support from across the LDV network through the dealers local to our depots, we’ve been able to keep these vehicles in the tip-top condition that hirers expect from a company of our reputation.

“As you might expect, hire vehicles take something of a hammering with body damage being a particular problem. At first we had some issues with availability of some body parts but those problems have largely been resolved by Multipart and I understand that their team in Lancashire continues to work hard on any remaining issues in this area.

“With the Maxus out of production since the end of 2008 we might have expected parts availability to have declined markedly, but it hasn’t. Our fleet of 12,000 vehicles includes a wide variety of makes and so we know about parts availability levels and prices across the market and for our LDV Maxus vans they remain at very competitive levels. The service we get from the dealer network is also both fast and efficient.”


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